noun informal humorous

  1. a subject of study

Mauna Ulu, Big Island, Hawai`i - BASALT 2015 Deployment

Mauna Ulu, Big Island, Hawai`i - BASALT 2015 Deployment


My name is Darlene Lim

I'm a scientific researcher and my professional life revolves around data. So I'm either in the field collecting data, in front of my computer processing data or organizing the acquisition of data, having a heated discussion with my great colleagues about those data, or jibber-gabbering in front of audiences to present our data. I love it all and I've been doing this work since I was less freckle filled and more springy in the morning - so, a long time.

In the spirit of adventure, I have put this website together to give anyone who is curious a sense of where I've been and a rough sense of where I'm headed. 

On a personal note, I'm grateful to be a mom, wife, sister and daughter; and hopefully a good friend (if not, complaints can be submitted via the Contact page.)